MCS Annual Fund

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Progressive Education/Teacher Training

“I’ve worked at many different schools over the years and they all had mission statements. MCS is the first school that truly, deeply lives its mission. Each conversation, every project, every gathering of students and teachers is infused with what MCS is all about. As a faculty member, I am amazed at the level of discourse and the steady undercurrent of heart and faith and intellect I witness in each of my colleagues every single day.”
—Paul Williams, MCS Teacher

Manhattan Country School embraces teacher training as an important part of our public mission and our approach to progressive education, both in New York City and at the MCS Farm. We host student teachers from Bank Street, Teachers College, Sarah Lawrence, City College and other teacher-training institutions. In addition, we strongly believe in developing our own teachers professionally through participation in conferences, workshops and an international teacher exchange program to facilitate educational dialogue.

Your donation to the Annual Fund helps our teachers to:

Your generous contribution to the Annual Fund supports teachers and our public mission.