Here is what you need to know before creating your poster:


Accepted Files: .jpg, .tif, .pdf, .eps, .gif, .png, .bmp

Files Size:

The maximum image size you can upload is 80 MB. If your image is larger than this you will need to reduce the size before it can be upload. Also, large images will take some time to upload so please be patient when you are uploading large images to your poster.

We recommend that your images be a minimum of 150 dpi at 100% size. This is to ensure that your poster is the best quality and doesn’t turn out blurry. With a dpi of 150, the minimum dimensions of your images for each poster size need to be as follows:

Large image: 16.325” x 20.5” (2449 x 3075 pixels) Small image: 7.65” x 6” (1148 x 900 pixels)

If the resolution of your image is higher than 150 dpi the dimensions of your image can be smaller than what is stated above. It is still important, however, that the pixel dimensions of your image match or are greater than what is shown above.