Email Services

In the world of marketing there are two ways to drive a greater return on investment (ROI) from your marketing dollars; reduce the cost of touching your clients or increasing the rate of response generated. Utilizing email to communicate relevant offers can be a great way to accomplish both.

Touching existing clients and known prospects with an offer via email and has been shown to drive significant results when done correctly. Studies have shown that the best ongoing offer conversions are attained by companies who send emails on a weekly basis. It has also been shown to facilitate a greater conversion rate if the email contains useful information along with the offer.

We provide a number of services to assist you with developing and managing a strong email database of current and prospective customers. In many cases we can help you quickly build your database by creating a relevant offer that requires your customer to provide an email address via a micro site. Relevant offers could include drawings for significant prizes or free items from your product line. Once you have an active database in place we can help you begin relaying important information in addition to promoting special offers and services. We work closely with you to create a strategy based upon existing client interaction and available budget.