PSDA’s Distributor Solutions Expo

PSDA’s Distributor Solutions Expo comes to Chicago on May 8 and 9, where the strongest, most innovative distributors will gather for 2 intense days of sharing and showcasing what’s new, what’s working, and what solutions are on the horizon for the markets and customers they serve.

This year’s expo features Dan Seidman, "Trainer to the World's Sales Trainers" in a three-part workshop designed to help you and your sales teams create and maximize your opportunities in 2013.

Strategies for Elevating Your Sales Performance - Three Things Sales Pros Need to Know

Speaker: Dan Seidman, Got Influence, Inc.

Come experience a day that will significantly improve your selling skills. Dan Seidman, 'Trainer to the World's Sales Trainers', is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training. He will be coaching you on three best practices that top sales pros use. In this crucial program for salespeople, managers and entrepreneurs, you will discover and apply;

The Ultimate Objection Handling Tool

Build a book of responses to your top objections. Stop getting stuck when a buyer doubts your offerings, your service, your price. Learn multiple ways to move past resistance and further down the path toward a close. Your company will leave with a book of techniques to use for anyone on the sales team, even new hires, in order to speed up the selling process and close more sales.

One Great Opening is Worth 10,000 Closes

f you don't open well, by taking charge of the sales dialogue, you'll never get a close to the close. Learn how to create a conversation where the buyer understands the rules of the game - how you two can work together to determine how your products and services can serve the buyer's company and solve his or her problems. This is perhaps the most potent technique Dan Seidman teaches, globally, to sales professionals who are frustrated by conversations that end with "I'll think it over" or "Give me a call later" or any of a dozen agonizing "goodbyes" that occur in our selling days.

How to Eliminate the #1 Problem Sales People Encounter

Get rid of the biggest obstacle to your selling success. You'll learn to quickly qualify buyers and focus time and attention on people who are ready, willing and able to spend money with you. This experience will draw off of the collective brain power of everyone in the room, as well as Dan Seidman's 25+ years managing and training sales pros. The training materials you will craft from this day will serve as a legacy to your organization and insure future success.

Make a wise investment in that future and learn which behaviors to adopt in order to improve your performance!