My name is Chris Bleecker and I am the Admissions Director at the Waldorf School of Garden City. Over the past two decades, I have had the opportunity to work within a variety of educational settings. However, it has been my experience with Waldorf education that resonates the most loudly within me. I knew this was the kind of educational environment I wanted for my own child.

Having pursued advanced degrees in education and mental health, I have often wondered how do we, as educators, remove impediments to learning for students? At the Waldorf School of Garden City, that question never arises. Through a thoughtful and developmental curriculum, students develop the strength and resiliency they need in order to master not only intellectual concepts but also an emotional stamina—a self-confidence in themselves—which is truly priceless.

As a culture we believe that earlier and faster is better. But in reality, speed in learning has little worth. It is the depth of the child’s experience that matters and which ultimately builds a foundation for a healthy adulthood.

I feel passionately that the Waldorf School of Garden City offers a unique and rare environment for a student to grow and develop into the type of young adult every parent wants, one who is intellectually curious, vibrant, happy, and well adjusted. Choosing a school is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your child and your family. I look forward to speaking with you about the Waldorf School of Garden City.

Dr. Chris Bleecker