Maximize Efficiency

Specialized Storage Systems has been helping companies maximize efficiency for over 25 years. Our knowledgeable and responsive service is the reason why 4 out of 5 customers trust us to repeatedly help them solve problems and meet their changing needs. Specialized Storage Systems will partner with you to develop creative solutions to your challenges. Our unique ability to provide solutions from the lobby to the loading dock gives us the capability to help you maximize efficiency everywhere you need it

Case Study:

The Situation
A consumer products company needed to expand their operations and wanted to look for the most cost effective way to gain the square footage they needed. The company was growing but wanted to expand in the most cost effective manner.

The Evaluation
Since the existing facility had extremely high ceilings and their processes did not require the height, building additional production and storage space vertically appeared to be the most cost effective option. By creating a second story, the company could double the square footage within the available area in the plant.

The Solution
Specialized Storage created a design layout that included the construction of mezzanines. The company was able to maximize space within the plant by doubling the amount of usable production and storage compared to a one story building.

As a result of the solution implemented the company did not have to expand their footprint and are operating much more efficiently than they would be if they were running multiple facilities.

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