Increase Profitability

We believe that clever planning equals maximum revenue opportunity and we're confident that we’ll always provide the best value and return on investment.

Devising a solution that maximizes the use of your current space will provide maximize efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately increase profitability.


Bill Fivehouse, Star Stainless Group
“Specialized Storage Systems has created floor plans that have maximized our space utilization and designed workflows that have optimized our operations. They created efficiencies that have resulted in increased profitability, happier staff and less physical space needed. We are more profitable today because of our relationship with Specialized.”

Case Study:

The Situation
Star Stainless, a worldwide distribution company, was having trouble finding a shelving system that would hold up to their needs and could not determine the best layout to maximize their use of space and allow for efficient employee access.

The Solution
Specialized Storage Systems brought in a product that is now exclusively used in all locations across the United States. They created a design layout that made Star Stainless more efficient and allowed them to fit much more in the available space.

The company has directly attributed an increase in profitability to the products and services Specialized Storage Systems has brought to them.

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