To best help our non-profit community better their fundraising communications we are working to determine where members are at on the marketing engagement curve. As a follow-up to the conference Action Graphics is proud to sponsor the collection of valuable data that can help guide the organizations ability to respond to your need. Please rate where your organization is on the following communication scale and press submit to receive free, personalized whitepaper recommendations from Action Graphics"

  • Our fundraising activity focuses on static direct mail letters

  • We use personalized letters versioned by constituent group and use personalized reply cards with variable gift asks

  • Our fundraising utilizes personalized direct mail and email based on constituent group

  • We are using personalization in our email and direct mail communications and are engaged with social media to connect with our supporters.

  • We are executing integrated, data-driven, multi-channel campaigns that includ email, print, trackable website landing pages and social media